“Overcoming the hurdle” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 11

With the end coming near, things get more serious with the election with everyone’s final push in order to achieve the top spot. This week was split into 2 parts, however it felt like 1, something that I haven’t seen this season. We got back into Akane and her trouble with the public then moved onto the family as a whole.

Episode 11 7Episode 11 4

Throughout the season we have seen Akane struggle with public appearances, this episode we learned the reason why. With lasting effects from an incident when she was younger, I can see why it may have affected her former outgoing-hero-spotlight personality. But not all has changed, with Akane still wanting to be a hero and protecting those who need her, we really see that she has grown into something that she wants to become.

Episode 11 2Episode 11 8

With Souichiro unable to carry Satsuki and his back giving out, it is up to their children to take over the kings duties. The duties were split up into each family members strengths, with Haruka and Kanade working on the paperwork, Aoi conversing with the foreign dignitaries, Misaki with press conferences, Hikari and Shiori taking care of the house and Shuu, Akane and Teru visiting a village affected by a landslide. It’s Teru time again this week with him being able to clear the landslide, it was nice to see he was doing something good as he was concerned with his last place standing in the election race. It the end though it was all about Akane and her saying bye to Scarlet Bloom, and overcoming the hurdle we have seen her struggle with this season.

Episode 11 5 Episode 11 3

This episode was pretty good, it was a good amalgamation of what the characters are all about, and how working together using their strengths they can cover the weaknesses each other have.
Next week we have the election (I presume), so I guess we finally gets to see who wins!

Episode 11 6

p.s. Who do you want to win?

I hope its Shuu, because then there would be a king and queen (Satou) !

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