“Change” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 10

This week (last week? I skipped a week) we return back to the old format of 2 parts this time focusing on Sakurada “Light” and Sacchan as well as the relationship between the twins, Shuu and Kanade.

Episode 10 1 Episode 10 2

Being an idol is a difficult path, under much scrutiny though with hackwork the rewards of dying fans basking in your aura may be a  reward in itself. Sacchan questions royalty, and their ability to go through life with everything handed too them. The first part focuses on the relationship between Hikari and Sacchan, where Sacchan is troubled or “misunderstands” the plan to stop Light and change into Hikari. Hikari takes the other route finding consultation in Akane and Aoi in order to determine whether to continue as “Light” or confess her royal blood. It was nice to see in the end that the 2 could remain on good terms after speaking honestly with each other despite Hikari being royalty. With that we continue with idols Sakuraba Light and Sacchan.

Episode 10 6 Episode 10 3

The 2nd part focused on the twins, where Kanade feels the need to pay off a debt due to the accident between Akane, Shuu and her when they were younger. Shuu takes up the big brother role in order to ensure Kanade that there is no need and that he did what an older brother should do, and Kanade just accept it. It was heartwarming to finally see Kanade open up a bit more and then suddenly change her motive to become a dictator, good old Kanade.

Episode 10 5 Episode 10 4

With that we got 2 episodes left, I wonder how they’ll play it out, whether with a cliffhanger or just continue as they have been. This episode was a reinforcing of what Production IMS is all about in this series and that is balance, exploring the past characters backgrounds as to sure each character is developed nicely.


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