“A New Self” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 9

This weeks episode was all about creating or reaffirming ones resolve. With the first half mainly focusing on our heroine Akane, and her troubles with cameras and public appearances. Whilst the second half focused on a variety of characters from Misaki and Haruka, towards Aoi and her birthday.

Episode 9 2 Episode 9 7

With the recent marvel movies making huge money at the box office, it was nice to see a super hero in this show. With Akane taking up that role after a little help from Aoi, Kanade and her magical glasses. With Akane taking on the role of Scarlet Bloom to boost her popularity and favor to win the election. It was fun seeing how oblivious she was to everyone knowing about her “secret identity”. Then again there are times where we all want to “play” super hero, and Akane looked like she was having fun whilst doing so.

Episode 9 3 Episode 9 4

The 2nd half was split into two parts, with the first half (or quarter?) focusing on Misaki reaffirming her resolve to become king/queen. It was nice to see that she finally put herself on the path to doing so, without relying on her power (or clones), as Misaki is just Misaki at heart.

Episode 9 9 Episode 9 6

We then moved onto Aoi. With her still questioning whether or not the power she has is controlling her relationships, she is reaffirmed by her friends that that is not the case. With her friends planning a surprise birthday party, one leads to questions when your not with them how lonely it really is. However within all good reason, tricking Aoi is successful and she enjoys that party.

Episode 9 5 Episode 9 8

Overall this week, was good as an episode as every week before it. Exploring a multitude of characters works really well for this series, seeing that it doesn’t just have to be split up into 2 parts was nice for a change.

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