Something Different: Myanimelist Scores


If you have been on myanimelist or haven’t, here it is:

You may have noticed that I do place scores on the different kinds of anime I watch. Unlike what I post on this site, those scores are purely what i believe the anime are rated. If you think differently, then so be it, no worries. But if you have seen them, this post is just going to be about why I give those scores.


So here we go:

Basically, when I watch anime I give every anime a starting score of 7, this then fluctuates across the season/s where each episode contributes or takes away from that score (stuff like animation, character development and music etc. only count at the end). The average I set for anime is 7.
The end score I give anime is an amalgamation of a variety of categories such as character development, music, story, animation etc. For example I might give +1 for animation, but this is a very vague +1 because it generally just depends how I feel it went.  A lot is dependent on how the anime began and where it sits in the end, I tend not to rate until I have finished the anime, as I have learned from the past that the last episode can turn an 8 into a 10.


With that being said, I have probably confused some of you, and maybe enlightened others (I hope) on my thought process. Not everything gets a +1 or a -1 sometimes you just need to think about what you’ve watched and whether you think it was a masterpiece or something very enjoyable/unbearable.

Peace out, Deiriiraifu yo!



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