“Balance” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 8

This episode demonstrated how Production IMS balances out its story and its characters. Every character will probably get explored in some way and it was nice to see that they went back to past ones.

Episode 8 1 Episode 8 2

With the first part going back and focusing on the relationship between Shu and Satou, and a break out of powers within the family. Akane plays the middlewoman/man between the two as she helps Satou work out her feelings and what to do. Now that she has firmed her resolve it would be nice to see how she plays it out in the future. It’s always funny and endearing Akane get embarrassed whilst being in public, so it was nice to see Satou push her on in a good direction.

Episode 8 3 episode 8 4

The second part fleshed out more of a romantic story line between royalty and “commoner”. This time it focused on the father, Sakurada Souichirou and how he met his wife Satsuki. Unlike the current family Souichiro had no family and learns through Satsuki what family truly is. This moves onto the concurrent day and how Shu has troubles firming his resolve and his feelings towards Satou. It was funny to see that when Shu wanted to talk to Satou, she thought he was dumping her. But to the contrary it was a nice confession of becoming king and taking her along for the journey, despite the place they were in.

Episode 8 6 Episode 8 5

Overall it was a good episode which melded the 2 parts together. This episode exemplifies the balance between characters, and how every little story adds up.

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