“Because it’s fun” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 7

This week was split into 2 parts, with the first focusing around Kanade, Shiori and troublemaker Akane being sick. The 2nd part focused on Hikari’s “rival” idol Yonezawa Sachiko (Sacchan) and her point of view being an idol with Hikari.

Episode 7 1 Episode 7 2

It was nice to see Kanade in a different light, this episode further explores more of her personality and the motherly instincts she shows whilst taking care of Akane. There was a problem however, with the king (Souichiro) demonstrating the full power of his royal blood as well as fatherly instincts for his daughters with his over protectiveness. The highlight was Shiori as she shows she is a really good girl that cares for her family.

Episode 7 3 Episode 7 6

We then transition to the 2nd half of the show, with Sacchan questioning the reason why Hikari is an idol, why she is an idol and the debate between talent and hard work. It nice good to see that the end result was that talent and hard work together makes the bet outcome. Sacchan faced a road where questions why she was an idol and does her best to figure it out. In the end it gave a heart warming feeling, because it’s fun.

Episode 7 5 Episode 7 4

The episode overall was a nice one, offering 2 different stories revolving around different characters this time.


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