“The Reason Why” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 6

This week we delved into the story more as we learned about the reasons why the siblings wish to or don’t want to become king/queen. It was interesting to see the reasons, whether it be doing it for ones self (Akane) or doing it for others (Kanade), you could clearly see the personalities of each family member come out. It was good to see the followed up on Misaki and her on going struggle of what she wants to do.

Episode 6 1 Episode 6 2

The 2nd part was Aoi-centric with the reason why she doesn’t wanted to become king/queen. Albeit, it’s a pretty good response from her, with her power actually giving absolute commands, and not what she said it actually was (being able to remember everything). We go through her struggles with her powers and the questioning whether or not people like her, or like her because of her power. In the end though friends are friends and those that stick by you are ones that Aoi would cherish the most.

Episode 6 4 Episode 6 5

Hopefully all these problems are sorted out and each member find something within themselves or from someone else what it is they truly want to do.

Episode 6 3 Episode 6 6


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