“MIZUGI! What are the chances?” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 5

This weeks episode focused on Haruka, the fifth oldest and middle son. This episode was a clear showing of Haruka’s maturity as well as clam minded personality. Yet it was funny to see the antics brought upon from his siblings and the reactions he had to them.

Episode 5 6 Episode 5 7

The first part was the obligatory beach episode (I enjoy these), MIZUGI! It was good to see all the siblings wearing one, they looked really good. this part focused on Haruka’s abilities, being able to see the percentage possibility of something occurring. It was funny to see the Suikawari (splitting a watermelon) game played and how each sibling would use their skills to win the game.

Episode 5 2 Episode 5 1

The next part focused on the fact that photo’s of Akane were circling the internet. Haruka acts as the protector of Akane to remove the posts that she would not want to see or find embarrassing. The situation where someone walks into a room without knocking is one of the most amusing, with Akane misunderstanding what Haruka was doing with the pictures of Akane.

Episode 5 8 Episode 5 4

The Final part focused on the twins, Haruka and Misaki. Misaki’s ability (Ability to create clones that personify the seven deadly sins), causes her grief as she tries to find her own sense of identity. She finds herself inadequate or obsolete to her clones. It was heartwarming to see Haruka (using that calm minded spirit) to cheer her up in her time of need.

Episode 5 5

Overall it was a good episode with Haruka at the center. His character is interesting being the middle child, and a twin. With him being at the center I would believe there would be not much to worry about, unless your Akane…

Episode 5 3


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