“Red Herrings” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 4

We are back to where we started. With this episode revolving a lot around Akane, it was sure to be a good episode. Akane’s personality is done really well and fits the whole concept of the anime. It was interesting to watch this episode. This episode we were introduced to a couple new characters.

Episode 4 1

First off was Ayugase Karen, Akane’s best friends. It was fun to see her interaction with Akane whether it be supporting her, or knowing if she would die from shock. This mainly revolved around the question “Whether or not she was wearing a skirt or not?” or “IS SHE WEARING SOMETHING UNDERNEATH”. It was fun to see all the different characters come to Akane’s aid, but Akane clumsy as she is flashes her underwear.

Episode 4 3 Episode 4 2

The next part focused on a president, we are introduced to our 2nd new character, Fukushina Souji. He was brielfy mentioned in the first part but played more of a pivotal role in the 2nd. With Kanade introducing a clean up day of the town, Akane is placed in a dire situation where cameras would be looking at her all day. With many characters referring to Souji as “kaichou (president)” it was safe to assume he was the student council president, however that was a good trick in my opinion. It was revealed he was the Akane fanclub president, and likes to see Akane in different situations.

Episode 4 4 Episode 4 5

In the end it was fun to see the different characters support and aid each other as well as Akane squirm and react to different situations.


  • It was funny seeing Shuu as the number 2 member of the Akane fanclub
  • Here is the real Seitokaichou!

Episode 4 6


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