“Youngsters” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 3

This episode was mainly an episode focused on Hikari, the 2nd youngest daughter and seventh youngest child. With a break in the middle for her other 2 younger siblings, Teru & Shiori.

Episode 3 1 Episode 3 2

It mainly focused on Hikari’s ability to gain popularity and the schemes she employs in order to do so. It was fun seeing her changing her size to a more older version, whilst also shrinking Akane.

Episode 3 3

The other part focused on her scheme to become an idol. With problems associated with being royalty, we see the trouble she goes through in order to become one with the help of her brother Haruka.

In the middle, it was centered around Shiori and Teru, the two youngest. Their relationship is cute, with an older brother having chuunibyou like symptoms and a level-headed younger sister. Shiori shows how calm she is (and is probably the most level headed of her family), which gives an interesting spin on her character.

Episode 3 5 Episode 3 4

Whether it be trying to help a cat, or trying to become an idol, Hikari is a hilarious character. Paired with her younger siblings it was interesting to see how they interacted with the world, whilst being the youngest in an important competition between family.

Episode 3 7


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