“Good in Nature” Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 2

This episode was split into 2 parts, with 1 half focusing on Kanade and the other focusing on Satou and her feelings for Shuu.

Kanade comes off with a serious personality, yet this is slowly unfolded through the antics of Akane. I could clearly see that Kanade cares for Akane. Their relationship not being so straight forward was interesting to see.

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Oh unrequited love, it’s is both good and bad. We follow Satou on her quest to find out Suu’s feelings and eventually her confession. We weren’t given a final conclusion however to those feelings. Satou is a good character, by that I mean good in nature, her willingness to wait a year for a response is admirable.

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In the end though, I believe Akane played a pivotal role in this episode, even though she didn’t do much. Whether it be discovering what Kanade’s feelings are, or trying to further the relationship between her brother and a potential girlfriend, Akane is Akane she tries her best.


(Those twintails tho)

Overall it was a good episode, with feelings being shown and more development of and between characters. Akane strikes again with her personality to further the development!
I don’t know if they would get that far but it would be interesting to see what becomes of Satou and Shuu.



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