Unexpected Shows: Gakkou Gurashi “Testing the boundaries”

As I’ve already released what I am watching, this is going into a new post.

I didn’t think I would be watching this show based upon the picture given. Before watching, I had no idea what was this about, nor did I read the synopsis.

Gakkou Gurashi

However, after watching the first episode, I would like to say I was impressed, very impressed. With an overlay of moe and bubbly tones for our protagonist, this slowly changes into a desolate, bleak world with many dark themes to go with it. I think this series will test the boundaries of the ability of humans to either accept their circumstances or not. I found it very interesting that this was done in the first episode, giving a good plot twist, breaking my 3 episode rule. After watching the episode I have high expectations for this show and if it does continue on like it did in the 1st, it could possibly be anime of the season or even the year.


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