“Le Eden de la Grisaia” Grisaia no Rakuen Review and Recommendations


Grisaia no Rakuen follows on from what was left off Kazami Yuuji’s present and past from Kajitsu and Meikyuu. We follow his desire to become someone better to stop his concurrent life around death and despair, and change that to helping others (as Asako instructed) and living for himself.There were many different messages and themes revolving around life within the show, such as the value of life, the meaning of life. We learn through each of the girls the change that Yuuji goes in finally understanding what his teacher Asako taught him.

We follow his merry troop of friends/”girlfriends” in discovering what his past was like (it was not a good one), leading to concurrent situation of events. The dramatic turns and events were a good change from the Visual novel like style of Kajitsu in its own way. It showed how he saved others and it was their turn now in order to save him. It was enjoyable to see the different political themes placed into the anime adding another layer towards its story with terrorist organisations and political power struggles.

The music played an important role in setting the tone of the story and the direction it was going in. With both dramatic and light-hearted moments it was nice to see a change in pace whilst watching throughout its entirety.

OP/ED: The OP/ED fit the show really well with the themes of change, growing up and helping/saving others. I didn’t rally follow the songs too much, but when I did I understood why they were used. Some people might find them catchy, some might not, but it fits the anime nonetheless.


Sachi Best Girl!

Grisaia no Rakuen Was it good?

I believe that Rakuen did end well on the high note that it did. It summed up the story/series quite well. With more action in this season when compared to the special and the first, I would say it would appeal to more people than the first which was more like a visual novel.


With a ever changing lighthearted and dramatic story line, Grisaia no Rakuen does well in explaining the depths of despair in this world, to the highs that people can possibly feel from saving others. In this I recommend the following:

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu (If you haven’t watched the first one)
  • Grisaia no Meikyuu: Caprice no Mayu 0 (If you haven’t watched the first one)
  • Zetsuen no Tempest
  • Gokukoku no Brynhildr

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