Basketball is my Favorite Sport! Kuroko no Basket Review and Recommendations

“I like to dribble up and down the court.”

Kuroko no Basket. A sports anime, which generally I don’t usually watch but I do like playing basketball and I do follow the NBA so it interested me.

Kuroko no Basket does what a sports anime is supposed to do. it provides the highs and lows of following the protagonists, Kuroko Testuya and Kagami Taiga. With experiences comes a number and variety of challenges they faced as they play the sport they love in order to become the best.

The anime is really, really good at making you feel what the characters are going through. Through the wins and losses as well as the atmospheric tension it creates when watching it. I found myself with goosebumps a lot when watching perceiving that something or someone might turn around a hopeless, desperate situation. When it did happen, the dopamine kicked in. It made me feel great pleasure to see what was occurring with the fluid animation and the music to create even more excitement, I couldn’t help but follow and cheer on the characters.

OP/ED: For me the OP/ED suited the excitement factor created through the story of the show.

Kuroko no Basket Was it good?

It was a good anime. It made me pumped up and intrigued me to go outside and play even more basketball so i could be better and hopefully recreate scenes or an atmosphere like they do in the show. For a sports anime it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.


If you enjoy shows the get you hyped up and excited to cheer on the characters within the anime, the sports genre is for you. With this in mind I recommend the following:

  • Haikyuu!!
  • Slam Dunk
  • Free!

3 thoughts on “Basketball is my Favorite Sport! Kuroko no Basket Review and Recommendations

  1. When I saw the title of this article, in my head, I sang the words, “I like to dribble up and down the court.” And then, I see your next line, and it is the lyrics to that song. HAHA. Amusing.

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