“Crossing a Road” Hibike Euphonium Review and Recommendations

“It is a lie that the gods smile upon those who make an effort.”

Note:Hibike Euphonium is not K-On 2.0. It is its own entity and anime, taking on a whole different direction that K-On did.

Hibike Euphonium offers us the trials and tribulations students face when entering competitions as a team. Of course it demonstrates how not everyone will get to enter mainly due to the inherent talent of others as well as the effort others may put in to get there.

We follow Oumae Kumiko and her struggle and transition from taking a nonchalant attitude to concert band in middle to a serious attitude in high school. Early we explore the challenge of extra curricular activities and the opinions towards them, whether or not they are worth it in comparison to studying and getting the best grades possible.

Hibike tries to offer a reason towards what their characters are feeling and the reasons they take actions. With Kumiko deciding to be serious, she watches and worries about her friends due the challenges in attaining spots for the competition and wonders how that would affect her and whether she would be ready or not. In my opinion Kyoto Animation makes a reasonable effort in demonstrating the acceptance of ones self, where there is a possibility for someone out there to be better than you. They try to get a message across being it is dependent on what you wish to do when you cross the road, whether or not you just accept yourself or try to move across that ever so busy road.

OP/ED: For a music genre based anime, the OP/ED weren’t like other “pop-like” songs, but more sticking to the context of what is concert band. In my opinion that’s what makes the OP/ED good, as it fits the themes that the anime tries to portray.

Hibike Euphonium was it good?

Was Hibike Euphonium good? I’m not sure, at times it angered me as it went against my philosophies and sometimes it was good and I agreed with everything but for others it may not. It’s not K-On, but that’s what makes it worth watching. It’s more than a regular music based anime, with great underlying and thought provoking themes, the anime gives itself in a whole new life than what is expected


Due to being a more dramatic and less-lighthearted music based anime I recommend the following:

  • Nodame Cantabile
  • Shigatsu wa Kimi to Uso
  • K-On! (If you want something more lighthearted)

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