Punchline! Pantsuline? Review and Recommendations

Let me say this first, if you enjoy a bunch of panty shots. This is the anime for you 😀

Punchline revolves around the story of saving the world, and it does it very well. Yuuta travels back through time again and again in order to do so. With the help of characters such as Narugino, Meika, Ito and Rabura, the story really fleshes out with the different character interactions. The development of  bonding with each other and the understanding of feelings is definitely highlighted and provides a warm feeling knowing that helping and understanding each other would result in a positive end.

It was kind of confusing at first, but not a bad kind. More of a good kind that led to more intrigue for me within the series. In my opinion there were some Mawaru Penguindrum-esque vibes I got while watching, knowing that if I didn’t understand something, I would just have to follow on with the series and eventually I would get it.

The music and animation was fluid (Especially that insert song for the last episode). I give it a lot of credit with the use of panties with in the show, even though it may turn some viewers off I believe it was quite essential to the show, with the world being destroyed because of them.

OP/ED: I enjoyed the ED more than the OP, it was fairly solid and the ED ended up being one my favorites this season.

Punch Line was it good?

I guess if you enjoy the panty shots and try not to think too much about what is going on, sit there an enjoy the ride as everything will unfold for you as the story does most of the hard work. The characters are great, the animations and music are good and the story is solid. Overall I believe Punchline grew to be something more than what I expected of it.


I got a lot of very confusing-vibes while watching the show, as it was fun and silly at time but then would change to serious in a heartbeat, I recommend these shows as they invoked similar vibes/feelings when I watched them.

  • Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
  • Sasami-san@Ganbaranai
  • Mawaru Penguindrum

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