Etotama Sol/Lull Charge! Review and Recommendations

Goma!~Goma!~Goma!~Goma!~Goma!~Goma!~Goma!~Goma!~Goma!~ ごま

Etotama revolves around the Chinese Zodiac, with characters representing each of the animals. The story makes a play around the relationship between the cat and the rat and the story behind them. We follow Nyaa-tan and Takeru as Nyaa-tan tries to join the Zodiac or “Eto-Shin” through a number of battles.

The show generally followed an omnibus format with each episode pertaining to 1 of the girls in the Chinese zodiac. It was great to see the interactions between each of the characters as they each offered something different to the table. The fun part of it was that they were generally aware of their character and the role they played which made it more interesting and funny to watch as they tried to change it.

  • It was fun seeing the change in each Eto-shin every week due to the interactions between them and Nyaa-tan. At times there were heartwarming feelings when Nyaa-tan won the battles and there were no harsh feelings.
  • I did have to apply the 3 episode rule (Thanks Madoka Magica), as there was one shocking moment which propelled my interest in the show.

Etotama was it good?

The animation was solid, but not near a higher tier (though I wasn’t expecting it). The ride was fun and silly, with characters being developed well and matching music to suit that.

Mei-tan best eto-shin 😀

OP/ED: Again I did enjoy the ED more than the OP. With the omnibus format, the singers/seiyuu did change every week and I thoroughly enjoyed that as it gave me a invested interest into listening to it every week. The colors and animation during the song were soothing and provided a positive response from me after every episode.


Etotama is silly, fun and lighthearted. It is best not to take a too-serious stance whilst watching. If you wish for positive feelings I do suggest watching this anime. It is actually very hard to recommend something similar for this anime as I don’t believe I have watched something like this before. DeiriiRaifu Recommends:

  • Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
  • Choujigen Gme Neptune: The Animation
  • Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?

For the Omnibus format:

  • Amagami, Amagami SS
  • Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge

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