Reviews and Recommendations

Now that, I’ve finished most of my work in the meantime and that the season is finishing, I’m probably going to be more active in my posting.

In regards to reviews and recommendations, they will be split into two sections, of course being Reviews and Recommendations.

For Reviews, it will probably be a small amount of text explaining in a paragraph or two about the anime. (however I’m not splitting it into different sections e.g. Story 8/10). The review will generally revolve around in my opinion what I found good/positive about the anime, some notes about characters and music. Generally what I enjoyed best about the anime.

For Recommendations, will be based upon the likeness of course of the anime being reviewed to another. It will also state any similar genre based anime which I personally recommend to watch.

That’s it for now, not too long of a post I hope. 😀

Edit: End of season and year reviews will be based upon when an anime finishes. For example: If an anime starts in Spring 2015 and is 2 cour (2 seasons worth, or 24-26 episodes give and take), it will be reviewed at the end, when it finishes (Summer 2015). This is the same for end of year, if the anime started in 2015 and finished in 2016, it will be considered for the 2016 end of year awards.


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